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ClearWhite White Balance System

Ralph Lambrecht, author of the book "Way Beyond Monochrome", recently tested the ClearWhite filter under stringent lighting conditions. Ralph used a Kodak gray card and a Kodak color scale placed in the scene to accurately measure and interpret the results based on real-world shooting. In actual comparisons of the results, the ClearWhite was the visual winner (closest to neutral) in most of the various light types.

To make the comparison exposures, Ralph used the following methods: ClearWhite filter, auto white balance, his Nikon's built-in presets for the corresponding light type, an expensive ($1400) color meter and a neutral gray card reflection target. Color calibration was done using each method's specific instructions for obtaining custom white balance in the camera.

Ralph's conclusion of the results based on precise gray card measurements in Photoshop:

"Overall, the ClearWhite filter was the best performer!"

- Ralph Lambrecht, Germany

Master landscape photographer and author Darwin Wiggett recently reviewed the ClearWhite filter for Outdoor Photography Canada magazine:

"...photographers who shoot JPEGs in-camera need to worry more about white balance and should be careful of their white balance settings but I never shoot JPEG so why bother? When I discovered I had to test a white balance filter (for Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine) I just groaned! I felt this product had no application for me. Boy, was I in for a
surprise! Not only is this product inexpensive ($59.95 US), it is easy to use. Just pop it in front of your lens, face it towards the light source and have your camera record a custom white balance. Now use that custom white balance to accurately shoot the colours of your scene.

Does it work? You bet. The colours I got from my RAWs were really accurate and my colours were more pure with no colour casts. What that meant for me as a RAW shooter was a savings in processing time. No longer did I need to spend time colour correcting or playing with white balance settings in my RAW processing software. The image was correct in-camera and processing was a snap. The time savings alone are worth the effort to get perfect white balance. Looks like this little gadget will migrate permanently into my camera bag."

- Darwin Wiggett, Canada -

Famed German photographer Joerg Dullinger recently wrote 2 articles on the ClearWhite system, including using it to create LCC profiles in Capture One Pro software. View the articles.

"The results when using the tool for white balance measurement is just great. I never had that accurate WB with any other tool (including Expodisc). Another advantage is the construction which lets me use it with all of my lenses, quite opposite to Expodisc. $60 is therefore a really good price.

I have learned that using a white balance filter before the exposure helps a lot to save time by not forcing me to guess neutral gray in the converter. After 2 months with the ClearWhite I would never leave my house without it.

After a few tests I found out how easy it is and how much time it saves to work with it. I love it most for landscapes.... Having the Clear White filter in my pocket, I just take one reference picture and can then enjoy the correct white balance."

- Joerg Dullinger, Germany -

"After using the ClearWhite filter for the past two truck shows, I can report that it provides superior results. My work involves taking hundreds of photographs at these events. Reducing the amount of time involved and simplicity are of prime importance to me. These images are often used without additional post processing. The outdoor settings, varying light conditions, and vividly colored subjects present a challenge. ClearWhite removes the guesswork, and provides a consistent white balance. The result: accurate colors that really stand out. This sturdy tool fits equally well in my camera bag or pocket and can withstand the rigor of daily use. The included manual covers white balance concepts in a clear and concise manner, and includes strategies and tips to help easily obtain professional results."

- Jeff Steinwand, California -

Stan Sholik reviewed the top white balance filters in a recent article for Professional Photographer Magazine:

"To pick a winner, I’d say, with the conditions tested here, it’s a tossup between the ClearWhite and the ExpoDisc."

- Stan Sholik, California -

"What a great product! I have been having problems with color shift and vignetting with my wider Leica lenses. In no time I created a LLC file and applied the corrections in Capture One Pro. Brilliant!"

- Jeffrey Coolidge, Massachusetts-

The following comments by a ClearWhite owner (comparing the ClearWhite with the Expodisc) using a Pentax K20D were published on the Pentax forums website:

"The ClearWhite got a great review in Outdoor Photography Canada and I've read good things about Expodisc as well, but now I'd like some opinions based upon actual usage....

For the much cheaper price and excellent results, I say the ClearWhite WB filter all the way. And even though I mostly shoot RAW and could tweak WB during post-processing, now I don't have to since the WB is perfect to begin with. This means I only have to now tweak a very small percentage of my images."

- Pentax Forums -

"Many thanks for the quick delivery of my order. Now, I tried your WB system, and it is great. I cannot imaging shooting without it! Many many thanks also for your very helpful Instruction Manual. All your tips are indeed correct.... Now, with your instructions in the bag, I can quickly have a look in there.

I am using Capture One Pro 6.4.2 Software for developing the Raw-Data. In Capture One I can set lens calibration for vignetting and distortion. With your WB filter it is easy to do!

The test today with blue sky and sunny was very clear, the auto-WB does not work. I shot with the new Olympus OM-D EM-5 with Panasonic/Leica 45/f2.8 Macro very very sharp lens. The difference was very clear. I will forever use your CW filter. Best regards from Switzerland."

- Jean Pierre Simonetta -

"Accurate white balance. I use the ClearWhite filter for landscape and studio photography. Auto white balance on the Nikon D800 is good but far from perfect. The ClearWhite allows me to get consistent, natural color every time. Setting a custom white balance preset on the camera takes only a few seconds and it saves a lot of time when processing images."

- B&H Photo Reviewer, 5 stars, CA

"Great for white balancing at theater gigs! I do video documentation of the live performances of our community chorus and getting the proper white balance has always been a challenge in ever changing theatre lighting. The Clearwhite system has made all this so much easier with the 3 or 4 different simultaneous cameras that I use."

- B&H Photo Reviewer, 5 stars, CA

"Top Notch Professional Results. I shoot landscape stock photographs and nature details mostly but I have also done a fair amount of portrait work. I learned about the clearwhite filter in magazines so I thought I'd try it. This filter gives top notch white balance accuracy and is way less expensive than the other filters out there. My friend owns a more expensive filter but this clear white seems to give as good or better results. I would easily recommend this to anyone, even a beginner."

- Adorama Reviewer, 5 stars, San Francisco, CA

"Great Results! I have been able to get very consistent color in all of my digital images with the Clearwhite filter. I was immediately sold when I brought up my first images on the computer after a long trip across the country. Way better than my Nikon's presets. Ill be using this for everything. Great investment and very easy to use. Even the gray card gave perfect color when I had to use it for a few shots in tight places. THANKSSS!"

- Adorama Reviewer, 5 stars, Dallas, TX

"An excellent white balance filter. I use this filter with Canon XH A1 for video. The colors I get are vivid and accurate. I get consistent vibrant colors every time."

- Adorama Reviewer, 5 stars, Hyattsville, MD

"Indispensable, it's with me always. I use this with a video camera, an old Canon G2 used for for time lapse under various lighting conditions and a Canon 40D which has been modified for astrophotography. The ClearWhite filter is invaluable with the modded 40D, which requires white balance adjustment for all but astro photography. With all my cameras, this is the only way to achieve satisfactory white balance indoors or with mixed indoor/window lighting. Whenever I grab a camera, I put this on my neck, I can't recommend it highly enough. Hold it in front of the lens, set manual white balance and start shooting, couldn't be easier."

- Adorama Reviewer, 5 stars, Pensacola, FL

"ClearWhite is a sure winner! I use the ClearWhite 4" x 4" White Balance System for macro and microscopic photography at work for our medical product inspection of defects and pictures for procedures. I have found that the ClearWhite White Balance System work excellently for white balancing of our digital camera systems. The pictures have improved due to the very uniform white circular zone for the balancing. Past pictures had some yellowing and even the advance tools to enhance and fix photos did not do a very good job, where now my photos are truer color and no off-colors as compared to the real object being photographed. I also use it at times as a very uniform white background without any texture side-effects. The ClearWhite 4" x 4" White Balance System is a true winner and worth the money."

- Adorama Reviewer, 5 stars, Newark, CA

"Thank you so much for the ClearWhite filters. I used the custom size ClearWhite filter on my last wedding VIDEO shoot. It’s produced fantastic results and was so easy to use. I just placed the filter over my lens hood, pointed it towards my light source, pushed the white balance. Done. So simple to use. You saved hours of my time in post production. It was just what I was looking for. The best part about the ClearWhite filter is that I can use it with my still cameras as well."

- Reg Ryan, Australia

"I am quite pleased with the results I have seen thus far! I believe that this really could be the most bang for the buck, as opposed to spending twice as much, or more, on a similar product. I am very happy that I purchased the ClearWhite, and look forward to using it for years to come in my business! I won't be changing that bad-boy out with anything else!"

- Frank Fox, Arizona

"Thanks for the new product. As a portrait photographer I have found it to provide very accurate color balance and easier to use than any of the other similar products on the market. Can't wait to share this with other photographers."

- Kent Shirley, Oklahoma

"I really wanted to let you know just how rapidly the parcel was delivered. I am impressed with your service and have to tell you that your packaging survived everything that our respective postal services could throw at it.

I did test the ClearWhite against my CBL Lens, nothing scientific, just a couple of shots of a small statue in my garden and damn it the results are pretty close....the colors from your ClearWhite are slightly more true to life. All I can say is that both are good and I would use either."

- Michael Chipchase, Australia

The following was posted in a Pentax forum on 7-15-2009 discussing white balance in difficult mixed lighting situations:

"I use "the ClearWhite filter" for setting a custom WB and absolutely love it. Perfect results in all sorts of mixed lighting situations. Much cheaper than the ExpoDiscs, as well."

- Pentax Forums -

"Did some more comparisons with your ClearWhite filter against the more expensive 'market leader' in grey overcast and wet weather. Since the sky was uniform in colour/texture I used a known focal point for sun position at that time of day.

The colours and textures of the wet patio paving slabs, brickwork, flower pots, shiny galvanised plant holders, fencing , grey slate stone chippings etc all came out much more realistically with the ClearWhite when compared against the much hyped and more expensive 'market leader' .... More detail and clarity in the wood and the slight verdigree on the fence rendered far more realistically with the ClearWhite .... much nearer to what the eye actually sees. With the 'more expensive filter' colour is much stronger and appears to overpower a lot of detail especially in the fencing which is a golden straw sort of shade.

The other half (my wife) was asked her opinion, without being told which filter had been used and in each case she came out in favour of the ClearWhite filter. Bravo, you have won her over!

I think that the difference between your ClearWhite and that of the more expensive 'market leader' is that the ClearWhite has been balanced to the dictates of the digital image that the sensors record. A filter made by a photographer for the needs of photographers.

What I have seen so far is proving to be very convincing evidence of the quality of results that your filter is capable of and I am able to express satisfaction and pleasure."

- Clifford Sherry, United Kingdom

"The filter arrived promptly and while I haven't had a chance yet to put it through it's paces I've played around with it enough to see that it's a vast improvement over my camera's auto white balance mode. A simple and elegant solution to a vexing problem - thanks for making such a fine product."

- Greg Renner, Massachusetts

"Here are some examples from my honeymoon to the Galapagos islands and side by side with your ClearWhite filter. Most of the trip was cloud-covered. Auto white balance did little, and Shade did worse. Here is a comparison of shade settings vs ClearWhite custom setting under cloudy skies."

- Earl Grimm, California

ClearWhite filter

Shade setting
  Image on left was taken using a custom balance obtained from the ClearWhite filter. Note the rich clean rendition of green. Image on right used the camera's Shade setting resulting in far too much yellow-orange saturation overall, typical of some higher-priced white balance filters.

ClearWhite filter

Cloudy setting
  Image on left was taken using a custom balance obtained from the ClearWhite filter. Note how all the colors, including sky, are rendered realistically. Image on right used the camera's Cloudy setting resulting in far too much yellow-orange saturation in the sky and greens.

Images courtesy Earl Grimm

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Every ClearWhite white balance system comes with instructions for use, including charts, white balance strategies, a simple Quick Guide to start getting perfect color results immediately, the ClearWhite white balance filter with premium quality soft fabric bag, a detachable black neck strap, and the ClearWhite neutral gray card with protective sleeve. Click here to order. Speed up your digital workflow! ClearWhite white balance filters and gray cards - the smart, simple, low cost solution to achieving accurate, clear color from your digital camera.

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